Aanushka Ramesh hopes not just as a fun and leisure activity, bowling will soon get more recognition as a professional sport in India

Aanushka Ramesh  hopes not just as a fun and leisure activity, bowling will soon get more recognition as a professional sport in India
Mumbai, 21st September 2021 (UTN). Aanushka Ramesh sounds excited talking about her participation at the Indian Bowling League, held in Bengaluru in August. This year the league was organised at the ITA Mall by the Kamar Film Factory, a premier production house in Bengaluru. “It was a really unique experience because this is the first time ever that a bowling league was held in India. There were around eight teams representing different parts of Karnataka. Each team consisted of around 10 players, 6-7 stars of the Sandalwood film industry and 1-2 actors from other industries participated in the same. It was great competing with top Kannada actors like Diganth Manchale, Raghu Mukherjee, Priyanka Upendra, Tarun Chandra etc. Srinagar Kitty was our team captain,” says the actor, known for her Punjabi films, Mangal Ho, Canada Di Flight, among others.
Aanushka was a part of the Bengaluru Dragons Team. “We had an absolutely thrilling experience. After getting thrashed and losing the first match badly our team was very disheartened. But we soon bounced back and won all the matches and also won the championship. It was team effort, team spirit and definitely had luck on our side. The best part was being part of a team, competing and a feeling of being engaged in a sport, because as actors we rarely get to experience such things. I’ve always admired sports persons and their dedication and discipline, so to experience that even briefly was great and memorable. Also, when opposing team players were bowling we would playfully sledge them and they would sledge us in return. It was hilarious,” she says, adding that the entire event was aired on Colours channel Kannada. The actor shares ‘Bowling’ as a sport is still considered more of a fun and leisure activity. But with the way the entire sports scenario is changing in India for the better, she hopes that this will soon get more recognition as a professional sport. She is also happy that sports and sporting stars are getting so much attention and support these days.  
“Cricket is already huge, even athletics, soccer, hockey, tennis, badminton etc are getting a huge push. And, with our recent successes at the Olympics, Paralympics, and other sporting events, it’s a good time for sports in India. I think sports should always be encouraged. If I wasn’t an actor I would have loved being a sportsperson. I used to play basketball in school. But, I was always more creatively inclined hence ended up becoming an actor,” she adds. Meanwhile, Aanushka’s latest music video Mohabbat Ho Gayi Hai is just out and has been garnering good response. She is now busy with her upcoming projects and open to experimenting. “I think as actors we should always be open to new experiences. Everything teaches you something and I love trying out new things and even though they may be challenging, it’s always a whole lot of fun,” she concludes.
 Mumbai, ( Hitesh Jain ).